Ptc site are the most simple source of earning when we get start in the field of online earning most of us use ptc sites because these sites are the basic source of advertisement and for advertisers when we join an ptc site we got ratio of 0.001$ to 0.005$ earning per advertisement and in these sites we just have to open adds and view for 20 seconds or less and after this our account get credit. The most important thing in PTC sites
is their difficult terms and conditions and the most of the users dont read them and the main problem is this we recomended evey one to must read these terms and conditions due to this you know about the system
in which you are working. In our course we provide you an complete guide about earning with PTC sites and also taught you the confusing terms and conditions of these sites so hurry up and join fast you can also searh them on google or youtube etc for more details

In this ptc sites we have to view ads and wait for 20 seconds and for viewing 1 ad we got 0.001$ to earn with this ptc site click on the banner below.

Advertise With Nerdbux:

Nerdbux Allow users also to advertise and expand their bussiness ptc sites are most popular thats why you can also advertise your businness. Whenever you open your bussiness you'l need to advertise your bussines in popular sites thats why you can aslo use nerdbux to advertise. Nerdbux have different rates of advertisement according to the catogaries and time duration the one of the nerdbux advertise pannel snap shot is given below for your help to understand.

Advertise with NERDBUX

Earn Money On NerdBux:

Nerdbux provide many ways to earn these wasy are given below

1) View Adds

Viewing adds is one of the earning method of nerdbux in which you have to view adds for 10 seconds and you'l allow to view 20 adds per day and for viewing 1 add you'l earn 0.001 which means this is little amount but there are many advantages of make money with nerdbux like wise they have lowest payout 2$ the viewing add is the major source of earn money from nerdbux.the snapshot of nerdbux adds are given below for your assistance.

Nerdbux adds

2) Microjobs:

Nerdbux have many methods of earning and micro jobs is one of them. Nerdbux provide micro jobs they have little instructions and you have to follow when you are doing their job. when you work under their instruction you'l complete the job successfully and you'l get credit in 2 to 3 days simple is this. The most import fact of micro jobs is high payouts means the snapshot of nerdbux microjobs is given below for your assistance.

Nerdbux Microjobs

Nerd Grid:

Nerdgrid is one of the earning methods of nerdbux in this method they give you an square picture divided by 100 grids and you have to click these grid 1 by 1 and you are allowed to click 25 grids per day and afer 1 day try all the attempted grids will reknew and yall have to select 25 again this much depends upon your luck and if you click the winning grid you'l earn 5.00$ nerdgrid is the most fastes earning program of nerdbux. The snapshot of nerdgrid is given below for your assistance.



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